Sunday, June 28, 2009

So we partied like a rock star.... seriously.

I don't know how those rock stars do it! Or seven year olds, for that matter. Whew. I've had a day to recover, and I'm still a mess (along with my house). Now, my 4 year old, she couldn't hang. Too much sun, not enough water, and no nap = one bad night. Poor thing. But I do believe she had a rockin' good time. And she was up and running this morning.

So for Sydney's 7th birthday party - she chose a pop star theme. We decorated the bathroom up like a stage - curtains, lights, and who else - but Hannah Montana. Sydney had pink hair, glitter, and sequins. What more could a pop star ask for? (besides a Jonas brother, but ewww. No thank you. skinny pants should NOT be worn by anyone besides teenage girls)

I didn't realize what a photo op our bathroom/stage would bring. Just call me the paparazzi, baby. I can't decide who had more fun with the stage - the adults or the kids. You be the judge.


Rebecca said...

So cute! You really did a great job with her party! What a good Mommy! I love seeing all the pics from the bathroom. :) Sorry my little ones left it a mess. You are welcome to come over here and return the favor :)

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