Saturday, December 19, 2009

I love good news...

Every time I read his upates they make me cry.  This one especially.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Squeezing in some random pics...cuz I promised I would!

So we've gotten a bit of snow lately.  And the girls are in heaven!!  (me as well - as long as I have my new tires, that is!) They can't get enough of it.  And they can't stop eating it.  I keep reminding them to only eat the fresh stuff and watch out for the yellow (as well as the rabbit poop) but I keep catching them just picking up random pieces of the ground they just walked on.  Yuck.  My OCD is NOT wearing off on them.  I finally just gave in and brought out the vanilla syrup to make snow cones.  YUM.  Not that I had any.  I'll save mine for when I'm in an actual snow cone store.  :-)

It definitely makes it feel like Christmas.  I find it magical every time I see flurries.  And that little hill combined with that little sled - makes me go wheee just as loud as the girls do!  Who cares if I split it in two?  :-)  It's worth the $15!

Oh, and we  made a fort!  Now THAT brought back childhood memories.  Although, I don't recall it being such hard work.  My age is showing.  We all had a blast though.  And it seems to be lasting a bit longer than our snow girl (named Jill, by the way).  She's wasting away.  Apparently she hasn't been eating as well as I have.

Hopefully I have time to post again before next week, but if not, Merry Christmas!

Sending out positive thoughts for Anissa!!!

Hold strong.  I think about you and your family every day.  If anyone is looking for updates - here is the link.  Her husband is gracious enough to keep her fans and friends up to date. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Heavy sigh...

I'm so sad. I don't even know this woman, but I've been following her blog and her daughter's fight with cancer. I can't count the number of times she's made me laugh out loud and do the ugly cry.  She's amazing. Amazing. And she just had another stroke. Another heavy sigh.  So unfair.  I am sending positive thoughts her way. Lots of them.  Stay strong Anissa!! 

 Updates here:


Here are her blogs:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Family Portraits....

I pulled out my tripod last month just to see if I could get some good ones on my own.  We haven't had family pictures taken since Syd was a year old or so.  Yikes.  I got a few sweet ones.  I guess we should do this the right way and get all prettied up first.  Ah, well.

And then I remembered that we got family pictures done at Wayne's Birthday party!  Success!

Trick or treat....

Ahh, how I love Halloween.  And luckily, so do my girls!

We tried to trick or treat at a local outdoor mall but they ran out of candy before we got there.  So we went trick or treating thought the neighborhood with Rebecca and her girls.  Fun was had by all.  Our bags were filled with chocolate and goodies.  OK - "their" bags were filled but they love to share.  Sydney was Hannah Montana (of course) and Sam was a scaaaary vampire.  She even kept the wig on 95% of the night!  Can't wait until next year!

Aloha and back....

We spent a week in Maui in October with some friends.  It was a wonderful and much needed break.  We missed the girls tremendously though and were very happy to return home.  Apparently - they missed us too.  It's been two weeks and Sam still comes up to me numerous times a day and tells me she missed me - and can't get enough of me.  Think they are laying on the guilt so we don't leave them behind next time?  :-)

There were turtles in the bay nearly every time we walked down to the pool.  Very cool.  Impressed me every time!



We couldn't resist Momma's Fish House again.  Great food AND atmosphere.  Love it!

I know we were on the wrong island, but I had my eyes peeled for someone from Lost.  This is the closest I came though.  :-)  Hey Hurley!



Party Time - Excellent!

Syd and Sam took pictures too.  Here's their take on the party...

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