Sunday, November 1, 2009

Aloha and back....

We spent a week in Maui in October with some friends.  It was a wonderful and much needed break.  We missed the girls tremendously though and were very happy to return home.  Apparently - they missed us too.  It's been two weeks and Sam still comes up to me numerous times a day and tells me she missed me - and can't get enough of me.  Think they are laying on the guilt so we don't leave them behind next time?  :-)

There were turtles in the bay nearly every time we walked down to the pool.  Very cool.  Impressed me every time!



We couldn't resist Momma's Fish House again.  Great food AND atmosphere.  Love it!

I know we were on the wrong island, but I had my eyes peeled for someone from Lost.  This is the closest I came though.  :-)  Hey Hurley!




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