Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Squeezing in some random pics...cuz I promised I would!

So we've gotten a bit of snow lately.  And the girls are in heaven!!  (me as well - as long as I have my new tires, that is!) They can't get enough of it.  And they can't stop eating it.  I keep reminding them to only eat the fresh stuff and watch out for the yellow (as well as the rabbit poop) but I keep catching them just picking up random pieces of the ground they just walked on.  Yuck.  My OCD is NOT wearing off on them.  I finally just gave in and brought out the vanilla syrup to make snow cones.  YUM.  Not that I had any.  I'll save mine for when I'm in an actual snow cone store.  :-)

It definitely makes it feel like Christmas.  I find it magical every time I see flurries.  And that little hill combined with that little sled - makes me go wheee just as loud as the girls do!  Who cares if I split it in two?  :-)  It's worth the $15!

Oh, and we  made a fort!  Now THAT brought back childhood memories.  Although, I don't recall it being such hard work.  My age is showing.  We all had a blast though.  And it seems to be lasting a bit longer than our snow girl (named Jill, by the way).  She's wasting away.  Apparently she hasn't been eating as well as I have.

Hopefully I have time to post again before next week, but if not, Merry Christmas!


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