Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Melted candy time....

It's Easter time again. And it warmed up enough on Easter Sunday to melt all the chocolates just enough to make it difficult for Mommy to sneak candy in the morning. How can I pop that candy in my mouth without being caught when the packaging is melted onto the candy? What's up with that?

Sam came down with a terrible ear infection on the way over to California so we spent Friday evening at urgent care. It was her first ear infection and it was a painful one, for her and myself. It's always heart wrenching watching your baby suffer. Fortunately, moments before we got in to see the nurse, the pain went away and she's been great ever since. (I however, got a girls night out and the band took away the hearing in my left ear. I'm definitely old.) The girls had a great time finding eggs and weren't as eager to get home as mommy and daddy. Ah, well. At least they slept great.


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