Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring break me?

It's spring break for Sydney this week. And it's cold. Wait, isn't this supposed to be spring? It snowed yesterday. Craaaazy. So we're going nuts trying to find inexpensive ways to stay busy. It's not working very well and we're watching too much TV. Plus my house is a disaster area. I give up trying to keep up with them. I'm beginning to think Jon & Kate plus their 8 (that's 2 Sydneys and 6 Sam's!!) MUST have an entire team of house cleaners on standby - at least on filming day.

The girls have set up a tent in the dining room and have spent the last few evenings staying up late and watching movies on our portable dvd player in there. Works for me!! And we bought crafts yesterday but they did them all in two days. Yikes. I still have a few days left....

And Sydney has been BEGGING me to cut some bangs for her. Apparently "so people can tell she's my daughter". Funny girl. Well, Mimi is coming this weekend so I gave in today, knowing that if I butchered them too much Louise can make everything better. :-) She now has long side swept bangs and looks like a teenager. We're off to get her drivers license. Seriously. She giggled at herself in the mirror for 10 minutes. Apparently, she likes it. Sigh.


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