Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter blahs....

Apparently I'm suffering from the winter blues.  I don't think I went through this last year but I can't seem to get out from it this year.  Maybe there was more sun?  Maybe Sam was easier?  She is going through a rough phase.  Actually, both of them are.  Syd is on break - it's been almost six weeks.  YES, that's SIX weeks.  We are going craaaaazy right about now.  The countdown is on though.  Syd goes back to school on Monday and Sam starts preschool on Wednesday!!!  We are all very excited about that.  Let me tell you.  Syd and Sam are at each other for a good chunk of the day.  And I'm running out of steam.  One more week.  That's my mantra.

Enough of the negative.....I'm lacking inspiration right now so it's time for random thoughts...

At this moment in time they are giggling and roaring at Hannah as she does laps around the table.  She can keep this up for a good 5 minutes.  I should see if the girls can go that long.  Maybe I can get a nap out of them.  Probably not.  It's a good thought though.

I gave Sam a pair of my heels for dress-up and I am amazed at her talent for walking, running, and jumping in them.  She doesn't get it from me.  She wears those things around for hours sometimes.  I keep telling her that suffering for style is NOT necessary yet but she doesn't seem to care. 

I took Sam down for her vax and flu shots last week.   She was so brave.  She rarely cries at her vax appointments so I wasn't worried.  The sweet nurse came in hiding the needles behind her back to prep when she realized we hadn't seen the doc yet, so she snuck back out with them still hidden.  After the well exam, a new nurse came in (this time a young guy) with all 4 needles, which he proceeded to put down right next to her in plain sight.  And took his time giving her a shot, taking forever and a day to plunge the liquid in, and another forever and a day to take the band-aid out of the wrapping, put it on, only to start over again.  4 times.  She was hysterical by the end.  I know how much it hurt.  He sucked.  When he finished, I looked over at Sydney and she had her face hidden in her hands crying for Sam.  I spoiled them rotten with candy and toys from Raleys.  Sigh. 

So the next day was Sydney's turn - only two shots for her.  But after watching Sam's experience the day before, she was nervous.  So was I.  This time, we drew an ace though and got the sweet girl from the day before.  She was teaching two other girls how to do it so I had a good feeling.  One, two, three and she was done.  Quick and painless.  We were all very impressed.  I realize that I now have bad karma for thinking horrible thoughts about the nurse from the day before.  But he did suck. 

So since we were in shot mode, I went next door to the pharmacy and got my H1N1 vax.  OMG it hurt!!  But there were 2 small children and a gaggle of elderly watching so I toughed it out.  And then proceeded to whine about how much my arm hurt for 2 days.  I feel bad for rolling my eyes behind the girls back for complaining about their sore arms.  They had 2 and 4 shots.  I'm such a baby.  Next stop, eye doctor.  Wish me luck.

I would post pictures but the last one I took was from New Years Eve!!!  Yikes!  Bad mommy.  I know.  I'm on it. 


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