Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Must blog

Oh my dear blog. I promise tomorrow I will update you. Truly, I will. I have lots of wonderful pics and good stuff to add. Although, not so much on the recipe side of it. Kind of hard to find new recipes when I am not cooking. Even the cookies I made yesterday were pre-made. BAD. BAD. I know. But the weather is too nice and the girls are such a joy. No time for slaving. Next week, maybe?

On another note, I went to Babiesrus on Tuesday for a shower gift. I should have known the reaction that place would have on my uterus. Although it was tough, I did actually make it out of there without bursting into tears. Seriously, mother nature. Leave my hormones ALONE. Tim's done. Apparently, so am I. :-( I should watch back to back episodes of Jon & Kate Plus Eight. That should cure it.

That poor family. Unlike most people (apparently), I like Kate. I relate to her on so many levels. Although, I would hope that if I watched myself treat my husband like a child for 2 years on prime time TV, I would find it in me to improve on myself. It was really sad watching them in two completely different places. I really hope they make it. My fingers are crossed. I can't imagine raising 8 kids alone, let alone 2.


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