Friday, May 29, 2009

Why aren't we flying? Because getting there is half the fun. You know that.

Since Sydney was off track this month, Tim took some time off (gasp) and we drove up to Washington for a long weekend. That's 11 hours in a car (each way) with Sam (and Syd too - but mainly Sam. Sydney has always been a good traveler). Yikes. This was Tim's idea, obviously. But I figured we had to do it eventually. I was hoping for a few more years to pass, but I'm an adventurous soul, don't you know? It went a little better than I expected and we made it with our sanity (well - most of it. I suppose it didn't help that I stayed up late watching the 2 hour season finale of "Lost" the night before we left - thanks for nothing JJ). And the drive back wasn't as bad, even though I was up with Sam sick all night before we came home. Luckily my dear husband drove the whole way. Although, that left me to attending to every whim for the two passengers in back. Sigh. Wait - I'm onto you dear husband.

Once we covered that long expanse of road, we had a great time. On Friday all of us girls drove back down to Oregon to visit our aunt and cousins that just moved from Indiana a few months ago. Aunt Janice served us a wonderful lunch, including vegetarian fare for us leaf eaters. Oregon is beautiful. We were amazed at all the bright flowers and different shades of green. I forgot what green truly looks like after all this time in the dessert. It's like going from black and white to technicolor!! It was great to catch up and see how everyone has grown. Except for the adults of course. :-) Haven't grown a bit. And Sydney and Sam were very excited to meet their 2nd cousins!! Hopefully we will see them again soon!

And of course, the girls love their cousin Loren so they had a blast with her. We went to Northwest Trek on Saturday and saw lots of critters. We ate and shopped and ate some more. It was good to get away and see my family. On the way back through, we dropped the girls at my parents for 4 days. If I put into words how much I enjoyed THAT you will probably think I am a terrible mom. :-) I still get giddy thinking about 4 days alone in my house during the day, and alone in the evening with my hubby. Sigh. Crap, I think I was supposed to just talk about how much I missed them. Which I did. Eventually. :-) OK, pretend you didn't hear that. Here are some pics to help you forget...


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