Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh California.

What in the world is going on over there? I had such high hopes that someone higher up would have some common sense. But nope. Nada. Seriously? Are we really going to continue to tell the gay and lesbian community that they are second class citizens? Are we really letting the voters decide the rights of a minority? Really? Why is this even up for vote? Why is this even something that is decided state by state? I'm pretty sure that the idea of equal rights is something that goes hand in hand with being an American. Along with freedom of religion, and freedom FROM religion. I get if it is something that your religion doesn't support. Fine. So your church doesn't have to perform gay marriage. You can tell me all you want how you don't support it. But should your religious beliefs REALLY take away the freedoms and equalities of others? Do you really have to put laws into effect that prevent a family from the same protections as yours, even if the family looks different or offends you? Can you imagine how it must feel? Can you for one moment, put yourself in their shoes? Isn't compassion and empathy something that Jesus taught? Not alienation and judgement. Sigh. One day. Some day. Soon I hope.


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