Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 months and counting...

until I need to wear a swimsuit. Two months. T-W-O M-O-N-T-H-S!!! I've been hinting, begging, and bribing my husband - "if you want me to get into shape, take me to Hawaii!". Nope, can't afford it. Not this year. 2011 - we'll go for our 10 year anniversary. Sigh. So over the weekend, our friends were visiting, talking about another friend's wedding in Maui. And they oh-so-graciously offered for us to stay with them if we came!! Whoo hoo!! Don't have to ask me twice. I found tickets that night and bought them the next day. But now - only two months to undo 2 years of maybe 2 hours of yoga? Yikes. I had 8 months prep time last time. In two months though.... maybe I'll go buy one of those skirted swimsuits. :-) Aloha!!


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