Monday, August 31, 2009

Odds and ends....

Sydney decided to join us girls and hack her hair off.  Now we all have bobs.  She loves it and mommy didn't cry.  She looks beautiful and can now brush her hair all by herself.... and no tangles!

And I actually got a good picture of BOTH of them. Shock!
Sydney told me (finally) that she loves living here.  Mainly because of all the baby lizards and bunnies that share our property.  I like the lizards but the bunnies, not so much.  GO away and stop killing our lawn.  I wonder  if they have sticky traps for rabbits as well as mice?  Sigh.  No, I wouldn't do that.  Not really.  Ok, maybe.  :-)  Although, after cleaning out the entire garage last week and finding all the mice droppings, I no longer cry when I find a mouse in the traps.  I actually do a dance and say "gotcha!".  Not very vegetarian of me, I know.  Now, when the cat gets stuck to one, that's a different word and a different dance.  Dumb cat.
My garden is starting to produce some (small) odds and ends.  We have cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, a few watermelons, the  most pathetic zucchini's I've ever seen, and some strange weed that we thought may have been a plant that we forgot about.  It's been pampered and fed until last weekend when I told Tim to yank it.  Sorry little guy.  You almost had me fooled.  :-)


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I swear I thought you said now you all have boobs. Glad I went back to clarify. :) Love her new haircut! WOW what a difference it makes, huh?

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