Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I can't just stop at one....

So Sydney is doing wonderful in school.  Her teacher raves about how smart she is.  She is doing great in reading - she's super fast!  And she loves math (gets that from Daddy).  She has a best friend named Nichole.  She comes over for sleep overs all the time!
Watch how they amuse themselves...

Sydney went to "Uniquely Me" again this year for her Girl Scouts Troop.  It's a fun day for the girls where they have different booths and information to support self esteem in girls.  She did the fashion show again - this time in her own outfit.  She did awesome! 

Her and Sam have really picked up on roller skating.  Daddy even comes sometimes.  Now THAT'S fun to watch.  :-)  He secretly enjoys it too.Watch Sydney, Sam, and Daddy skate...


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