Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You say you want a revolution, you?

It's a miracle.  I've worked out almost every day for almost 2 months now!  I've been watching those P90X infomercial for months thinking how much I wanted to be that fit.  And a few months ago, when the dog bit Sam, I picked Sam up in a panic and my tweaked my lower back AGAIN.  I realized that I've been throwing my back out way too much lately and that I HAD to do something about it before I really hurt myself.  So I ordered it.  And it works!  I've lost 5 lbs. and gained a lot of muscle and I still have one more phase before I complete the first round.  I feel great!  And I enjoy it.  Mostly.  The best part is that you burn so many calories doing the workouts that you don't need to restrict your calories.  You actually need to increase your calories to fuel your body!  I am supposed to eat about 2200 calories to maintain!  2000 if I want to lose.  Crazy!  Highly recommended and two thumbs up!

And I'm obsessed with Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.  Great show.  I hope he continues and the country is inspired to make the change.  I know Michelle Obama is also trying to make some changes so hopefully between the two of them they can make a difference.  Fast food does NOT belong in our schools.  French fries aren't a veggie.  Our kids deserve better.  So do our teacher.  Imagine trying to teach kids after eating that crap when their blood sugar crashes.  If you haven't already, sign the petition. Please??  Sign Jamie's Food Revolution Petition!


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